Privacy policy

Updated: 19/06/2019.

When registering on this website, or/and writing a comment, it is necessary to enter a valid email address and a username you want to be displayed (since email address is not displayed publicly).

These are the only data we store – in order to control access, i.e. prevent spam and indecent comments.

Your data (email addresses) are not given to third parties, nor used for sending adverts, spam etc. Your email can be used for establishing communication (in case you require some information, have a question, or something needs to be explained etc.).

By writing a comment on this website, you agree to it being displayed publicly and permanently. Moderators have a right to edit, or delete a part of a comment, or an entire comment, if they believe it is inappropriate (spam, insults etc.), without a need to explain their decisions.

Elektro Bicycles keep the rights

Electro Bicycles reserve all the rights for all the content published on the website, including the information provided within the comments.