Updated: 01/07/2020.

What is an electro-bicycle?

It’s an ordinary bicycle with an option of using both pedals and electric motor for propelling. A bicycle that can’t use pedals (human power) to move does not fall into electric bicycle category.

Electric bicycle can be seen more and more often in traffic. Many people choose it for commuting, recreational riding, or transport (to the countryside, or for running errands etc.). Bicycle delivery services often use these kinds of bicycles (messengers, postmen…), because of its advantages over both cars, mopeds and classic (non-electric) bicycles. Market of electric bicycles is growing: there are lots of various models – both new and used. The question is how to choose a suitable model that matches one’s needs and priorities.

Some models reach a price of a small (budget) automobile, while the cheap e-bikes are often of poor quality, not lasting very long. Performance and quality is often dictated by the price. This is the main reason why many people choose to go the DIY route, building an e-bike by themselves.

How to find, or build an electric bicycle that suits one’s needs?

Which frame to use, which motor, electronics, battery, which charger and accessories, what is the right choice? E-bike service and maintenance are often neglected, but very important aspect to consider when buying one. These are just some of the questions that we’ll be looking to answer together, with previous experience and new emerging technologies that bring something better and more efficient.

Feel free to comment and ask questions on these pages. They are here to inform and help potential and existing electric bicycle lovers.
Update: electric bicycle service and manufacturing project has been stopped (at least for now, unfortunately), with the articles moved to BikeGremlin electric bicycle section.

We wish you a safe and easy ride with joy.