About me

Updated: 27/06/2019.

My name is Dalibor Ćalić. I was born in 1979. Grew up and living in Futog (Serbia). Ever since high school I was interested in electric motors and their working principle. I had often disassembled electric toys to find the treasure that is moved by the batteries. In those early days experimenting with electric motors was my obsession, though the motors often ended as burned out because of my inexperience.

I finished electro-technic high school – computer electric technician – in Novi Sad. After that I served in the army from 1998 – 1999 and started working right after that.

In 2012 I decided to make my first electric bicycle. At that time I was cycling to work every day, from Futog to Novi Sad (over 10 kilometres). It wasn’t easy, especially on the way back – and I rode in all weather conditions. This made me consider electric upgrades.

First model I made had a 20 kilometre range, lead batteries and canvas housing. I didn’t stop there… always looking for something better, more durable, more stable…

After having a spine operation in 2015, I decided to make a tricycle, which turned out to be a two year project. Limited resources, both in terms of money and time, didn’t prevent me from completing this effort and in 2017 I was proudly riding a unique tricycle on the roads. When talking to me, people often ask what university I went to, am I an engineer? Always and with a smile I answer that I’m an enthusiast and an innovator, which is something that no school can give you.

Electro Bicycles website author
With my electric trike

My curiosity and enthusiasm have lead me on the road where I am now and to the desire to share this knowledge and experience with others, as well as make it a personal career and follow the technology advances in this field.

Riding an electric bicycle in the snow and freezing temperatures: