E-trike design

E-trike design

After some time I decided to start a project of assembling an electric tricycle, that would be a sum of all my previous experience and over 30,000 km travelled on an electric bicycle. Of course, the tricycle will be packed with electronics while keeping the 100% reliable pedal propulsion.

First thing to start with was the motor, wheels and tyres. After getting and assembling a good set of wheels, frame design and all else will come next.

The motor is almost identical to the bicycle motor, since it’s a tried and tested already, so an ideal choice for this project. Tree-phase motor, but this time without sensors.

As for the tyres, the choice was Schwalbe, that have served me very well so far for the electric bicycle.

Then came the frame design and building…

Assembling a prototype for the first e-trike test ride:

And, finally, painting and assembly:

Ready for cruising the roads:

Electric recumbent ready for riding
Electric recumbent ready for riding

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