Parts needed for an electric bicycle

Updated: 01/07/2019.

If you have decided, or are considering buying an electric bicycle, know that you are on the right track.
Most people are probably asking which bicycle to buy, how much it costs…
First thing to know is what do you need an e-bike for?

For my personal use I have assembled a unique e-bicycle. By its performances it is far beyond standard factory made e-bikes. It was built as a daily transport vehicle, for all the weather conditions, for recreation and as a replacement for an automobile, so a lot of work, money and time was invested in it.
Considering the mileage so far, I have perfected it and fixed any flaws that have appeared.

For older people and those less demanding, a standard shop electric bicycle that looks like a small moped, made by Chinese brands, is quite sufficient.

If you have greater demands, you will for sure not be delighted by the look, nor the performance of a commercial e-bicycle.

First thing you need is a bicycle itself.
A bicycle that suits your needs and desires. I think everyone knows how much a good quality bicycle costs.

Next thing you need is a motor.
With my e-bike I can climb the local Fruška Gora mountain – and I weigh 90 kg.
On the flats I can go up to 50 km/h.
I have chosen the motor based on my needs. There are more and less powerful motors, while the one I’m using is somewhere in between. It has been tested with up to 70 km/h speeds, but I wouldn’t recommend going faster than 35 km/h, for personal safety. I rode it in the rain, snow, dust and mud – at temperatures ranging from -25 to +40 °C and I’m delighted with its performance.

Next comes the electronics and the throttle lever.
After you have chosen a motor and know your desired speed and power, you need electronics that will control the motor.
Good quality electronics for the whole system is of critical importance – and there are various quality grades in the market. Electronics come with various options, like electronic braking, maintenance of a pre-set speed, reverse …

As the most expensive item, batteries are also the most important in the entire set. Good quality batteries can give your e-bike both great performance and excellent mileage.

Of course, in order to charge the batteries, you need an appropriate charger. Its specifications depend on the battery choice (voltage and charging current). Depending on the batteries, charger might be able to work faster (using a stronger charging current), or slower.

Instrument for measuring battery state and electricity consumption
You need an instrument to keep an eye on the electricity (battery capacity) consumption and battery state. In order to know in what kind of state the batteries are, it would be good to have an instrument that will show battery parameters. There are instruments to satisfy even the most demanding users, as well as the cheaper models of decent quality.

Good looking and functional battery / electronics box to match your bicycle
A box can be made from the material chosen by the customer. Boxes are often made from plastic, or hard canvas, while the top quality ones are made from polyester, aluminium, or chrome which sets a higher price, but also a higher quality.
Box is used to store and protect the batteries, connectors, cables, contact lock, various switches etc.

All the parameters of an electro bicycle have to be tuned for long battery life
Mechanical parts of an electric bike are important, as well as strengthening it, in case you opt for a faster, more powerful variant.

E-bike rider protection comes first
Risks are mostly affected by the top speed. Also, e-bike is almost silent, people don’t hear you coming and often have no idea how fast you are going.
A fall from an e-bike is very risky!!!
I recommend using a helmet, gloves, glasses and if possible – knee and elbow protection.


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